DisCover Your
Force of Nature

For women entrepreneurs ready to stop feeling overwhelmed, stuck or moody.

Find more ease in your business by tapping your natural flow.


Solopreneurs pissed at “needing to post” – ready to feel relieved with a personalized social media strategy based on your Force of Nature.


Exhausted self-employed, go-getters – ready for business to feel natural and easeful.


For kickass women business owners ready for an increase in monthly income with less effort and over-thinking.

How to Bloom Lucid

Offer 1:
Natural Force Flow Map

What does your creative force look like when it’s in full flow?

This session really identifies where and how you’re stuck in your business and unleashes your creative force and shows you how to balance it.

How do you stay stuck? How do you keep moving? We’ll map how you quit getting stuck forever. Discover…

Offer 2:

A life altering revealing of your right fit vocation during a 3 day, in person strategic followed by 3 months of support

Your business should feel natural, easy, like a perfect fit. Your Natural Force should be doing the work, not your pushing will.

This requires…

Offer 3:

Lay the new foundation for your life and business with monthly coaching for graduates of VOCATION.

Restructure from the ground up now that you have your customized Business Plan for your creation force.

Steady the eight foundations you need to make a successful business that’s gonna really support you.


Hi I am Elyna

I am an earth scientist, business strategist and deep intuitive. I’ve been the right hand woman in 6 and 7 figure businesses for a decade. Entrepreneurial women come to me when they need help with their heartfelt desire to express their wisdom (without burning out).

Between my understanding of nature, my strategic perspective and my compassionate heart I get the job done.

My physical geography degree from UC Berkeley unlocked in me a fascination of the movement of the earth herself. The science of plate tectonics, land formation, and how the elements affect one another.

My spiritual path led me to believe our deep desires are unyielding soul-seeds that must be planted in the earth to bloom.

When I help my clients tune into how nature designed them…and align that with their business, it grows! More money comes in, they expand into the next level of leadership, and there is more time for living a nourishing life.

You can also find me…

Business By Nature Podcast

Business By Nature Instagram

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