4 months of private consulting to...

THE Elevate Process

Identify Soul Seeds

Clarify your deepest desires for work and life

Map Your 7 Layers of Needs

Tether your growth with Earth, and grow with her

Create A New Strategic Plan

Realistically know how to meet your vision

Change Energy Draining Systems

Shift the way you do things for more flow

Shift Offers for Aligned Growth

Be inspired about what you offer, and deliver it simply

Expand your work

Grow what you do, in the way that you want

It is only in dreaming of the most aligned vision for our life that we receive the power needed to expand in our business.

A private retreat and 4 months of support to elevate your business


or $3000 down and 4 payments of $950

2 Day VIP Deep Dive

Join me in Northern California to identify your deepest desires in life and business. We'll clear stagnant patterns holding you back and create a new map to realistically meet your dreams.

4 Months Coaching

Twice monthly 30 minute video calls to help you stay on track with implementing your aligned changes. Coaching to keep you keep perspective and move forward.

Copy Editing & Text Support

Personalized review of what you are working on. I will edit, give advice and fine-tune your material. My phone number is also your's to use. Text me anytime as we walk you through your becoming.

Personal Clearings

Each month, receive a private clearing of what is no longer in your highest good. A favorite of my clients, these clearings are one of my greatest gifts. Get fresh insight from your guides each month.


Alexandra Hudson

I have quite a successful business but it had become a bit dull. I came to Elyna for help sorting through my big visions for my work and organizing weekly tasks.

I’ve worked with her on an off over the years, and I absolutely love her and the work that she does – she is so reliable and buoyant and just an absolute joy as a coworker and human.

She’s incredibly diligent, intuitive, and able to get deepen into the subtleties of my desire, while maintaining a pretty freaking awesome ability to organize my and her thoughts very well into actionable steps.

I love the feeling of freedom that I have with her to just try on any idea that comes to my mind! She helps me tune into whether this idea is really deeply aligned (what turns me on), or if it’s something that is I am just trying on and that doesn’t really fit but is a fun idea nonetheless. She is really able to hear how I feel and coalesce this into an action plan in a very spiritually vibrant and activated way.

Holly Keifer

Working with Elyna is like a breath of fresh air that smells of sweet earth and the coming rain. She knows just what questions to ask to get at the core of your gifts and what you’re aching to bring into the world. And then she helps you decide how to actually DO it.

I’ve talked for years about how to make my marketing better, but I didn’t have the energy to do it. Elyna teased out not only what I needed to do, but what I needed to stop doing. Did she yell at me sometimes? Yes. And it was always with ferocious love and understanding of who I want to be in the world, and the people I’m here to serve. Elyna’s work is in deep service to empowering women to be our most authentic and expressed selves.

And her laugh is the best thing you will ever hear. Especially after she’s just zinged you with a truth you thought you’d hidden from even yourself. Her insights are priceless. Her clearings are deep earth magic I still refer back to when I need to remember. Working with Elyna has made it impossible to forget exactly I am.

Hi, I am Elyna

I am an earth scientist, business strategist and deep intuitive. I’ve been the right hand woman in 6 and 7 figure businesses for a decade. Entrepreneurial women now come to me in their threshold moments of growth. 

Between my understanding of nature, my strategic perspective and my compassionate heart I get the job done. I am relentlessly committed to moving women further into their deepest gifts, into their zone of genius. I believe nature designed those gifts to be leveraged to their full capacity. 

My physical geography degree from UC Berkeley unlocked in me a fascination of the earth herself. My spiritual path led me to believe our deep desires are unyielding soul-seeds that must be planted in the earth to bloom.

When I help my clients tune into how nature designed them…and align that with their business, it grows! Easefully. More money comes in, they expand into the next level of leadership, and there is more time for living the nourishing life they dreamed of.

Need a strategist who you can lean on when you hit the hard moments?

Does your work and life feel exciting yet chaotic?
Want a clear sense of what your new offerings are? 

Ready to settle into your deepest gifts? 

If you are hesitant to work with business coaches who are focused on “growth at all cost”, and instead want someone who will weave your growth with the needs of your clients and your full life, let’s talk.