DisCover Your
Force of Nature

Find more ease in business by tapping your natural flow.


What's Included

Get your full results immediately, then stay tuned for free gifts to digest the material consciously (and subconsciously). 

Learn which of the 6 types you are. Be reminded an unnameable power that has always been there. Your Force of Nature lives in you. It is nature’s gift to you, waiting to be leveraged.

I’m going to tell you how to find more ease by tapping your natural power and why this matters in running your own business. Know how you find flow, and learn where you often get hung up. 

Do better business by understanding who you are working with. Laugh in recognizing the nature types in the people you know. Play to people’s strengths and win every time.

Be reminded of your inner nature every time you look at your phone (aka your private black mirror into the infinite). Nature’s gift to you will stare back at you. 

Walk through a guided experience to access new power in your business by attuning to how nature designed you. Improve your systems, adjust your priorities, and make room for more magic to make business EASY.

Hi I am Elyna

I am an earth scientist, business strategist and deep intuitive. When I help my clients tune into how nature designed them…and align that with their business, it grows! More money comes in, they expand into the next level of leadership, and there is more time for living a nourishing life.

I’ve been the right hand woman in 6 and 7 figure businesses for over a decade. Entrepreneurial women come to me when they need help with their heartfelt desire to express their wisdom (without burning out). Between my understanding of nature, my strategic perspective and my compassionate heart I get the job done.

My physical geography degree from UC Berkeley unlocked in me a fascination of the movement of the earth herself. The science of plate tectonics, land formation, and how the elements affect one another. Today I use this knowledge to help women do business by nature.