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re-design your business for your nature

Join this 6 woman, curated container to access a new level of ease in business.

For women who got their work off the ground, but are are now starting to run on empty.

It's time to build your business around your nature. It's time to support you from the ground up.

You'll be guided to...

This is for you if…

What is included...

You’ll walk away with...

re-align your business to your nature for greater ease, flow and sanity.

$1500 deposit
and 5 monthly payments of $500

2 Strategic Retreats

Joining in person in Grass Valley, Northern California July 25-29 and October 24-28, 2024

4 Months Business Support

4 months of group trainings, coaching and private calls with me. Review of all work.

Ritual and Practices

A new plan is only as strong as the person implementing it. Strength comes from spirit. It's time to get into ritual!

Inner-Gift Clearings

Monthly powerful soul-level clearings to remove blocks to expressing your gifts. Conducted in the highest good.

How many times has this happened to you?

If this sounds like your business story,

I want you to know that it IS possible to have running your own business feel more enjoyable.

Are you ready to clarify the direction you want your business to grow, and implement the changes you need to get there?

After 10 years supporting businesses created from a founder’s heartfelt desire – I know that all it takes is a bit of tinkering to take your business from “is this really all there is?” to “HOLY WOW, this entrepreneur life is better than I ever could have imagined.”

If you are creating your unique work in the world, that work is also crafting you into the person who can hold it. Read that again – your work is working on YOU just as you are working on it.

Becoming the person who can hold your work at the greatest capacity is no easy task. It requires consciously and intentionally releasing older versions of yourself, and stepping into new behaviors.

To create a business where you have financial freedom and a spacious schedule, you need to ask yourself these questions – and then manifest the answers tangibly into your daily life: What is the universe calling on you to live into? What is the next level of your work in this world? Who is the next level of you?

I’m a magic mirror. In my reflection, my clients see things they couldn’t see before.

What if...

reaching financial freedom and making an impact with your business felt natural and easy… instead of like stuffing yourself in a box and cramping your style.

You can go from...

Buried in an overwhelmingly long list of admin tasks that leave you no time for yourself during the day…to having an extra hour every day for a spacious lunch, yoga, or even a nap

Full of self-doubt and certainty about what your next offer should be… to birthing your aligned work into the world, and overflowing with excitement to share it with your people

Turning down dream clients cause you ironically don't have time…to having clear offers that can fit EVERYONE, so you never need to turn someone away

When your energy output is greater than your energy out, you will inevitably lose steam. 

When you are losing steam, you lose enthusiasm for work. 

And when you lose enthusiasm for work, you can’t tap clear inspiration. 

In EASE, we make sure your energy out is NOT less than your energy in. We fill up your tank and access your deep calling to your work. We examine your deepest inspiration and motivations for your craft and build off then. We plan according to your natural ways of working, so you don’t exhaust yourself or increase resistance to daily tasks. 

If you have ease in your business you can tap your inspiration and the power to birth that into reality. You can have space in your days and get the freeing benefits of running your own business. 

If you’re interested in more EASE and your business redesigned – fill out this application! 

Hi I am Elyna

I am an earth scientist, business strategist and deep intuitive. I’ve been the right hand woman in 6 and 7 figure businesses for a decade. Entrepreneurial women come to me when they need help with their heartfelt desire to express their wisdom (without burning out).

Between my understanding of nature, my strategic perspective and my compassionate heart I get the job done.

My physical geography degree from UC Berkeley unlocked in me a fascination of the movement of the earth herself. The science of plate tectonics, land formation, and how the elements affect one another.

My spiritual path led me to believe our deep desires are unyielding soul-seeds that must be planted in the earth to bloom.

When I help my clients tune into how nature designed them…and align that with their business, it grows! More money comes in, they expand into the next level of leadership, and there is more time for living a nourishing life.

Your questions answered

Common questions

I will get back to you within 72 hours with next steps! 

Live Trainings and Coaching Call recordings will be available within 48 hours 

Live Trainings and Coaching Calls will be available to you for 3 years (and downloadable by you for infinity!) 

There will be recordings, AND you can submit questions ahead of time for coaching calls

This program focuses on how you work uniquely different than others, and how “learning in a book” is likely to leave you feeling energetically depleted and confused. 

You can learn the nature parts in a book! But connecting the wisdom of big nature to your business requires individual focus – focus on YOU!  

Because the group is only 5 people – you will have a lot of focused attention on live trainings and coaching calls. You will also have 2 private calls with Elyna each month as well as a shared google folder for document review. Not to mention there is a group chat thread on which you can engage as much or as little as you want. 


The monthly rituals, practices and personalized subconscious clearings are also super supportive. 

Yes absolutely! The rates are 2x greater and you don’t get the experience of seeing yourself more clearly by experiencing how you are similar or different to others in a group. 

You can ask for a refund, no questions asked for one week after enrollment. 

After that there are no refunds. 

Already made $30,000 in your business. 

Currently Making 30-100K+/year in your business. 

Likely, because this container is so small and focused on each  individuals’s personal style. I am not teaching a method that is for everyone. Instead I am showing principals of natural energy flow and then helping each person customize their business to fit them. You can share your situation in the application and I will help answer your question to the best of my ability.

Join us!

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