Business By Nature

Ready for work to feel natural and easeful?

The initial passion that starts a business is different from what it takes to make it sustainable and enjoyable for the person leading it.

When passion is no longer enough, it's time to leverage what nature gave you.

You know how some go-getters start working for themselves but years in they are at their wits end unsure how to manage it all?

The 6 step SYSTEM

Unearth your obstacles

Identify repeating issues and change them

Notice Your nature

Attune to the unique way your mind and energy work

limit the Mind loop

Cut the pattern thoughts that are getting you nowhere new

clear your blocks

Clear soul-level cycles that are not in the highest good

execute simple systems

Create new systems that make business fun again

adjust offers for ease

Tweak your offers to be a right-fit for you and your time

This is personalized business strategy for those ready to leverage their gifts.

  • Create systems that make business fun again 
  • Share offers you are excited to enroll for
  • Limit admin tasks that drain you 
  • Use simple systems that make sense to your brain 
  • Market in a way that’s congruent in your heart 
  • Grow your work with ease, not panic 
  • Befriend a more spacious calendar


Ariella Daly

I am a solo parent to a toddler, and Elyna helped transform my confidence in my business so that I can comfortably nourish my beautiful family.

Elyna has that magic combination of being able to see the root system of your life and business, as well as the nitty-gritty details of the day in and day out. She helped me transform my business from a just-getting-by to my first six figure year. But that’s not even the heart of it. Elyna helped me understand the heart of my calling, the value in what I have to offer, and the necessity to prune vigorously where old systems and habits no longer serve.

Working with Elyna felt like working with someone who had one foot in the river of intuition and the other on the bedrock of business.

Michele Wellington

When I approached Elyna for business support, I was burnt out with my business and the way I was always trying to force and effort to make something happen inside of it. I had taken the boss babe/hustle culture of business to the extreme and didn’t recognize myself or my business anymore. 

The first thing I noticed during our first session was her high level of attention and her ability to listen and reflect back with clarity my jumbled thoughts and my deeper desires for myself and my business.  

Elyna met me with an immense amount of love, approval and humor which works really well with me. Elyna offers a healthy balance of letting the true and authentic vision to come forward in your business but has a lot of real down to earth and practical knowledge to share about how to change or tweek things in your business so it can run with more ease

Hi, I am Elyna

I am an earth scientist, business strategist and deep intuitive. I’ve been the right hand woman in 6 and 7 figure businesses for a decade. Entrepreneurial women come to me when they need help with their heartfelt desire to express their wisdom, without burning out. 

Between my understanding of nature, my strategic perspective and my compassionate heart I get the job done.

My physical geography degree from UC Berkeley unlocked in me a fascination of the movement of the earth herself. 

When I help my clients tune into how nature designed them…and align that with their business, it grows! More money comes in, they expand into the next level of leadership, and there is more time for living a nourishing life.

A strategic VIP Day to realign your business.

$2000 VIP Day

*optional 3 month implementation support for an additional $1500


5 hours, virtually or in-person in Northern California. We walk through the 6 steps of Business By Nature to identify how your nature can carry your company, instead of you working so hard.

A New Map

Receive your new right-fit map. Identify the shifts that need to be made for your nature to move your business along (not your efforting will). Have a plan for what easy changes to make and when.

3 Months Support

* Optional support includes 30 minute calls every 2 weeks to implement your more easeful way of doing business. Monthly distance clearings also integrate the changes.

Gifts Clearing

A soul-level clearing to remove blocks to expressing your gifts. A favorite of my clients, this clearing is directed by your guides. It helps you gracefully step into the next level of your work.

Your questions answered

Common questions

This is designed for people who have been in business for at least a couple years. Before diving into this container, it’s important to know a couple things you enjoy selling successfully. Otherwise we may design an entire operating system for work that may not be marketable.

You don’t need to have a team. Through this work we will identify if more hired help will support you or not. It really depends more on your nature than anything else. If more help will be beneficial to you, we will identify together what to hire for. 

That question is exactly why I’ve created Business By Nature. We map your way back to your nature and set your business up to run from there, reducing exhaustion and overwhelm. 

There is a lot of strategy out there nowadays but if it’s not linked to what works for you, confusion and irritation come in hot and heavy!

 The irony of burning out in self-employment is that it’s not just your current self that is suffering, it is your future and the future of your business. Working for yourself does not need to mean constant anxiety, busy-ness, confusion and fatigue. Investing in a business that can run with your nature, not against it, is helpful for you now and especially in the future. This requires a deep level of commitment to your work for the future. If your work right now is more of a playful pastime, this investment may not make sense for your financial future.

If your business is not yet to the point where you can forsee making this investment back within a reasonable time (even if you got your energy back) this is likely not the right time to invest. 

You will be prompted to schedule your VIP day with Elyna!

There is refund period of 72 hours, so long as no sessions have occurred. 

First, this is not a course. This is a personalized strategy based on your business needs and your inner nature. Courses are great when they match the exact need you have, but if you don’t know what that is, a course doesn’t do much. This is personalized help focusing on your specific needs. With that said, this is a joint effort. I will not be doing your homework for you, because without you understanding the shifts we are making, they will not last. I will review your work!

Find your perfect path to stay in flow. Create the impact you are meant to have.

Working for yourself was supposed to give you more freedom…not permanent low anxiety and never ending busyness. 


I know. I too have walked the path and helped over a hundred women do the same.

If your quality of sleep is declining and your brain is always going, let’s talk. If you switch between emails, client sessions, marketing and tech support all in 1 day, let’s talk.  If you need to get more clients to pay all the bills, but your calendar feels so full, let’s talk.