Bogged down in writing?
Spending hours on a graphic?
"Forgetting" to post for weeks?

Social Media can accidentally become what we spend more time on than anything else!

How to post… 

Authentic & frequent?
Vulnerable & professional?
Relatable & helpful? 

How to stay organized…

Set up a system that automatically posts?
Write something new each day?
Hire social media help?

Find a Social Media Strategy that LEVERAGES your Force of Nature.  


for a one time payment of $333

Excavation Meditation

A guided journey to…

Confident Visibility

A clearing to…

An Aligned Social Media System

A 60 minute strategy session to…


Sasha Kerkmann-Hood

Elyna is such an incredible and uniquely skilled support person in the realm of Social Media. Before working with her I had so many blocks and challenges, especially surrounding my perfectionistic tendencies. 

Working together gave me a totally new framework with how to look at my relationship to social media and writing/speaking clearly to my potential clients! One of the most powerful things she does is really understanding me and my vision/ my voice so that what felt like ideas just bumping around could be shined into powerful posts, and I got an incredible response right away the first day I started posting again after a long writers block. It really made a big difference for me in understanding the nature of how to create FOR social media. 

I tend to get very attached to spending a LOT of time on every post, and in our work together, I saw how much this was not in service to my overall goals for my work. It felt like so much breathing room and spaciousness and really shifted the HOW in my process. I can’t underline how good it felt to have this 1:1 support with Elyna’s skillful and experienced eyes on my work.

I went in feeling overwhelmed, and not excited about creating for my social media. And came out with a clear flow that felt generative and ignited my creative inspiration. Having Elyna support me with learning this skill that used to take me 5x as long was invaluable.

Kat Bacchus

Social media has often been something I do on the fly. It’s either deeply personal or fully promotional. I could never figure out how to find that sweet spot of mapping out and writing content in advance for fear it wouldn’t be relevant. My yoyo cycle went from over posting to then silent for weeks.

Elyna taught me a system for planning and writing social media content in advance. To call it a “system” sounds like a formula. I’ve tried those before. This is not that. There are no prompts like, “share a photo from your past and why it’s meaningful to you.”

Instead this system is customized to who you are, your work, and how you like to share.

She helped me see the layers of my business in simple terms. I create my own map from there based on how much I want to post.

I can easily block out my posts on a calendar then spend a few days writing posts for weeks ahead. Separating this process from the image aspect has made all the steps so much more doable, approachable, and most of all — FUN! It’s become a puzzle, not an emotional drain that creates stress and spinning.

I’m now successfully scheduling posts and feel they are on point even if I wrote them weeks ago. I have so much more freedom to spend time and energy on the real work of my business, supporting others with magic. Social media supports connection, but I’m so relieved it’s in the space it deserves. It feels balanced. 

Hi, I am Elyna

After years of sharing about myself and my work on social media (and helping over a hundred women do the same) I’ve seen a few things.

I’ve supported seven figure business owners regularly share authentic content. I’ve helped women new to business find their voice and their flow. 

I’ve personally hired social media support multiple times without much success. 

There are so many ways to fold your social media into your life and business, I know because it’s taken me years to find mine. It was only when I structured my social media strategy around my force of nature that I found a smooth rhythm.

Your questions answered

Common questions

If you do not have regular social media that feels natural, these next steps for social media growth aren’t leverageable. There are people whose speciality is social media growth and there may come a time when you want to hire this type of help! However, I have found that it is crucial to already have systems in place before this work is genuinely helpful. Sadly,  it is common to spend a lot of time and money getting “help” to only realize you it’s you that needs the help! (I’ve been there).

If you have a system that feels in flow, you are good to go! If you struggle to get your team member the content they need, let’s talk. Often people have hired social media support and still struggle with meeting deadlines. It’s common that people find themselves going back and re-editing work already done, or second guessing their posts. If this is you, let’s find your aligned system.

There are actually so many great strategies out there nowadays, but if you don’t know which ones match your nature, your flow, it’s a crapshoot. People often feel unsuccessful in implementing new systems they have learned. I have found that mostly it is because the new way doesn’t match how they think. And they are too busy thinking they are a bad businesswoman to realize it’s not a good fit, or that the process needs a little adjustment! My work together is person by person. There is not a mold we are trying to fit you into, but rather fitting possible options to your way of working.

Let's go!

Every business owner I have met has said a few special, not so nice, words about social media. Finding your aligned system is crucial to freeing up your bandwidth to focus on the rest of your business. 

After spending years figuring out this myself, I’m here to help you. Let’s make your jump to easeful social media much quicker than mine!