Bloom Lucid

business by nature

For wise women who desire their business to feel effortless.

I help you create a plan to Bloom Lucid -

- to blossom your business with nature's grace and implement clear systems that work uniquely for you

Take the Force of Creation Quiz

Your creativity and power come from your core - same as the Earth.

Which one of Earth's 6 different land creation types are you?

Leverage your power and grow your business you own unique way.

How to Bloom Lucid


Discover your force of creation

The secret to harnessing power lies in Earth. Discover how you create like her.


Reaccess your creative flow

It's vital to know what small thing is next. And how that fits into the bigger picture cohesively.


Align your team & systems to you

Build strong foundations that match your style. Leverage your energy to go further.

The Bloom Lucid Diagnostic

To create a business in flow, we first identify your biggest leverage points:

team management


unread emails

content creation

client communication



operation systems

clear offerings


The Experience

What clients and collaborators have said…..

What we can work on together

Mapping your path to bloom
your business

Helping ground your nervous system to hear intuitive guidance

Being your anchor to keep your earth wisdom and whole spirit involved in your business

Supporting you in growing your confidence and income without burning out

Recalibrating your team dynamics so you feel deeply supported & connected

Strategizing best systems for your business to expand with you doing less (not more)

I am devoted to the blooming of desire into pragmatic work. I specialize in growing businesses that operate from our individual natures. 

I think the brilliance of women is often misunderstood. And I think the world would do well to have more money touch women’s hands.

Bloom Lucid is rooted in..

  1. My education at UC Berkeley in Physical Geography. Knowledge of the movement of the earth herself. The science of plate tectonics, land formation, and how the elements affect one another.
  2. My  decade of experience as a right-hand woman to 6 and 7 figure businesses. Businesses formed from a founder’s deep conviction and heartfelt desire to express their wisdom.

I believe our deep desires are incredibly powerful and full of wisdom from the earth. They are unyielding soul seeds.

Molten magma from below is moving everything on the surface of the planet. Our ferocious heat inside is energy that fuels us into our next form.

The denigration of women due to the fact that we are closer to the earth…dismissed as dirty and less than… is actually our greatest power and what we need to turn to in this era of global fragmentation and ever encroaching pollution in multiple dimensions. 

Human desires are threads of wisdom from the earth herself. When followed can transform our lives and humanity as a whole. 

When I help clients align their businesses with their desires, they grow. More money comes in, they expand into a next level of leadership, there is more time for living their nourishing life.